“A drop of rain fell within the clouds, seeing the immense sea, she remained in confusion: “Who am I, she said, next to the ocean? In truth, I am lost and disappear in its immensity. ”
As a reward for this modest admission, it was collected and fed pearl in a shell, under the care of Providence, she became a pearl of great price and adorned the diadem of kings. It was great because she was humble; she got there because it was equated with nothingness.”

The Boustan or Verger, Persian poem consists of XIIIth century by the poet Saadi


All jewelry are HANDMADE. Every Tahitian Black Pearl is held by its original certificate

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Modern, Simplicity, Avant-Gardism and quality guaranteed by the GIA Convention (Gemological Institute of America)

International Recognition: Black Pearl expert – Expert en Perles Noires de Tahiti

Price 2014: Awarded Leading Consumer Industry :  CEO of the Year 2014 – Spain : ‘’Acquisition International Magazine’’

Price 2015: Awarded Gemmologist of the Year – Spain 2015  : AI M&A Award 

                   Awarded Best in Sector: Luxury Goods & Jewellery – France 2015AI M&A Award

Price 2006: Pearl Expert :  ´´GIA (gemological institute of america)´´

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