TEAHUPOO is the Mythical Wave of Tahiti.
For Tahitian, surfing on Teahupoo is just the Must and is a legendary love story.
William is also a fine surfer and enjoys the geometrical forms of the wave, that he considers as aerial, carnal and voluptuous.
Let the poetry invade you, by surfing these curves, as elegant and sensual as the wave, Teahupoo.

The TEAHUPOO is available in 18k Yellow Gold – 18k White Gold and Rhodiated Silver
The Pearls Color are available as follows:
Green Lagoon Bora-Bora, Pink Pacific, Orange Sun Set, Chocolat and many others
Pearls are available in forms: round or drops
TRESOR NOIR only works with High End Quality Pearl: AAA and AA
A Certificate is given for every purchased Pearl

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