To give focus on a what girls can show the Best
With simplicity and a disconcerting elegance, only William de Marsangy manages where others don’t.

We like to see girls when they show what they want, and when the tear can be adjustable where they want, it becomes very sexy !!!
The chaine is available in yellow gold 18k, white gold 18k and rhodiated silver with a 12mm Tahitian Black Pearl

La Marquise is available in 18k Yellow Gold – 18k White Gold and Rhodiated Silver
The Pearls Color are available as follows:
Green Lagoon Bora-Bora, Pink Pacific, Orange Sun Set, Chocolat and many others

Pearls are available in forms: round or drops, You can change the shapes and sizes of your pearls : That will change the prize of your jewel
TRESOR NOIR only works with High End Quality Pearl: AAA and AA
A Certificate is given for every purchased Pearl


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