William’s crush. Indeed one of his favorite creations, one of the most accomplished.
Elaborated with elegance this design has 3 rings, covered with natural stones. It is really a powerfull symbol of Lightness.
Hold in the center The Tahitian Black Pearl shines with virtuose.
It is to be worn for every occasion, which wont be rare. I know you already love it …

Like to be seen with !!!!!

And what a nice price ….

THE SPLURGE is available in 18k Yellow Gold – 18k White Gold and Rhodiated Silver
The Pearls Color are available as follows:
Green Lagoon Bora-Bora, Pink Pacific, Orange Sun Set, Chocolat and many others
Pearls are available in forms: round
Available in ALL SIZE, just specifise it. Thank you
TRESOR NOIR only works with High End Quality Pearl: AAA and AA
A Certificate is given for every purchased Pearl


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